COS 463/ELE 463 Wireless Networks (Spring 2019)


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Over the past one and a half decades, we have seen a polar shift in the way we access the Internet, our usage patterns moving from tethered workstations, to laptops, then to a variety of smaller mobile devices. Furthermore, in the next decade, we are headed on a trajectory to bring the internet to many millions of sensors and embedded computational devices. A wireless first or last hop figures prominently into the needs of each such device.

But in contrast with wired networks, wireless networks must cope with several challenges stemming from several fundamental differences between radio links and wired links:

  1. Over a certain link, portions of a packet may be received correctly, while the remaining portions may contain bit errors. Background noise, reflections, and obstructions in the physical space between sender and receiver impact the delivery of individual bits proabilistically.
  2. Concurrent transmissions from different nearby senders result in interference between nearby wireless links that is difficult to model or predict.
  3. At certain wireless frequencies, transmissions are inherently omnidirectional (broadcast), and may reach or affect unintended receivers.

COS 463/ELE 463 is an undergraduate-level class that presents students a broad view of the entire wireless networking stack, including the physical layer, presented in a way that is accessible for students with solely a computer systems and networking background. Through laboratory-based programming exercises in C++, Python, and Matlab in a lab environment equipped with many software-defined radios operating in proximity, students will apply the understanding they gain to build real wireless networks of their own.

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NameEmailOfficeTelephone Office Hours
Kyle Jamieson CS 305 258-7477 After Thurs lecture or by appointment.
Minsung Kim CS 103 TBA 5:00-5:40PM Wed or by appointment.
Yaxiong Xie CS 103 TBA 11:00-11:40AM Mon or by appointment.

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