Wed Feb 12 06:27:29 EST 2014

We cover a lot of languages and other topics in this course, usually not in enough detail for you to start programming right away. This page collects some useful summaries and tutorials to help you get going. Google points to lots more. Quality varies; if you find better ones to augment or replace these, please let me know.

AWK: my help file; vectorsite

Perl: my help file; Perl home page; Picking up Perl; CGI programming in Perl

Python: my help file; official tutorial; Python idioms

Javascript: JavaScript Kit, a good collection; functionx.com; JSON; more JSON

PHP: one, two

Ruby: one

C++: Doug Schmidt; functionx.com; STL by Jak Kirman

Java: my help file; Sun's Java documentation; Java Tutorial, with several books online.

C#: one, and many more.

Visual Basic: vbtutor.net Visual Basic Tutorial.net

Tcl/Tk: one of several

Databases: my help file; MySQL; PHP & MySQL tutorial

Source Code Control: my help file; Subversion (SVN); GIT book.

HTML: one, two, three, of many

CSS: one page of many; CSS Zen Garden (quite remarkable)

Web: W3schools.com: lots of web technologies; XML & Java from Sun

Miscellaneous: my gdb help file