Princeton University
Computer Science Department

Computer Science 461
Computer Networks

Jennifer Rexford

Spring 2006

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Collaboration Policy

Programming, like composition, is an individual creative process. Individuals must reach their own understanding of the problem and discover a path to its solution. During this time, discussions with friends are encouraged. However, when the time comes to write the code that solves the problem, such discussions are no longer appropriate; the program must be your own work.

Do not, under any circumstances, copy another person's program. This includes relevant Linux source. Writing code for use by another or using another's code in any form is academic fraud and will be dealt with harshly. You are also responsible for ensuring that the code you write for the assignments is not readable by others.

Computing Facilities

The assignments will be implemented on the Linux machines in Friend 010. You can SSH to the machines from other computers on campus.

Programming Assignments

The first three programming assignments will use the Virtual Network System created at Stanford University: The first two assignments will be due during the first half of the semester, roughly in weeks 3 and 5. The third assignment will be due 3 or 4 weeks into the second half of the semester. Another assignment or two will be done during the last few weeks of the semester and during reading period. Graduate students have the option of doing only the first two assignments, and focusing on a research project during the rest of the semester. The project should be discussed with the professor. Projects must include a software component. A written report should be completed by the end of reading period describing the work.