CS496, Spring '96

Simulation of Systems, Real and Imagined

Tues, Thurs; 1:30-2:50, Room CS 102



Week-by-Week Outline

Assignment No. 1: Simulating Population Genetics (by Dannie Durand)

Due: Tues., Feb. 13, 1996

Assignment No. 2: The Pendulum (by Perry R. Cook)

Due: Tues., Feb. 27, 1996

MidTerm Project Proposals Due Thursday, February 29, 1996

MidTerm Assigment Due: Thurs., Mar. 14, 1996

Assignment No. 3: Plucked String (by Ken Steiglitz)

Due: Thurs., April 11, 1996

Assignment No. 4: Solitons in Automata (by Ken Steiglitz)

Due: Thurs., April 23, 1996

Example Pendulum Code with Soundfile Output (by P. Cook)