COS 126 Help!

Where should I go for help?
  • Show up in Room 101 in the Computer Science Building during scheduled lab TA sessions. Click here for the schedule.
  • Email your preceptor or instructor.
  • Visit your preceptor or instructor during office hours or by appointment.

  • Send the course staff anonymous feedback.
    Bugs in the course material?
  • If you find a possible bug in the course materials, check the appropriate errata list. Please follow the directions given to report the bug if it's new. You will receive extra credit proportional to the severity of the bug.
  • Algorithms, 3rd edition, in C errata list
  • COS 126 course packet errata list

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Follow this link to check if others in the class have been bothered by the same problem you have (and we've figured out the answer)!