Princeton University
Computer Science Dept.

Computer Science 597c
Advanced Topics in Computer Science:
Immersive Computer Systems

Fall 1998

General Information:

Time: Thursdays 4:30-5:30PM
Place: Computer Science 302
Instructors: Clark, Cook, Finkelstein, Funkhouser, Li, Singh


This course will focus on research issues related to building computer systems that provide a user with an immersive audio/visual experience.

The course is a graduate-level reading class.  At least once during the semester, each student will select a research topic related to immersive computer systems.  He/she will read papers from the literature on the topic, identify one or two papers for all members of the class to read, present a survey on the topic in a 30 minute talk during class, and lead a 30 minute discussion during class on current work and future opportunities.


Date Faculty Student Topic
10/1/98 Tom, JP Jiannan  Partitioning screen space 
for parallel rendering
10/8/98 Perry Georg  Sound field reconstruction & 
audio beam steering
10/15/98 Adam Patrick, Xiaodong Perception &  
10/19/98 Doug Yuqun  Automatic callibration 
(4:30PM on Monday this week)
10/29/98 Tom Rudro  Sorting primitives 
during parallel rendering
11/5/98 - - *** Fall Break *** 
11/12/98 Adam, Perry Jie, Jon  People tracking & 
eye tracking & 
gesture recognition & 
wireless pointing devices & 
sensitive floor
11/19/98 JP, Kai Yefim, Han  Parallel video 
11/26/98 - - *** Thanksgiving *** 
12/3/98 Kai Yuqun  Inter-system & intra-system 
12/10/98 Kai Han  Texture management 
12/17/98 Ben Lena  Design aesthetics 

Lectures and Readings:

10/1: Partitioning Screen Space for Parallel Rendering 10/8: Sound Field Reconstruction & Audio Beam Steering 10/15: Perception & Stereo 10/19: Automatic Callibration (4:30PM on Monday this week) 10/29: Sorting Primitives for Parallel Rendering