Installing OPAM and OCaml

Follow these instructions in Michael Clarkson's textbook, OCaml Programming: Correct + Efficient + Beautiful. In short: you need to have,

  • a Unix development environment, which could be native Linux, native MacOS, or (on Windows 10/11) a WSL2 virtual machine running Linux.
  • The opam package manager running under Unix.
  • The OCaml compiler installed through opam.
  • The VS Code editor, running native. (Under Windows your VS Code will not run inside WSL2, but it will connect to OCaml running inside WSL2.)

Optional: instead of naming your opam switch cs3110-2023fa, which has a "far above Cayuga's waters" flavor, you could name it cos326-2023fa. But it won't make much practical difference.

Text Editors

You don't have to use VS Code. You could use Emacs, or some other text editor. See our page on text editors to install here