COS 302 - Mathematics for Numerical Computing and Machine Learning

Fall 2020

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Sep 21  Assignment 2 is due.
Sep 18  Q&A for Wednesday is available.
Readings and videos for Monday are available from the outline page
Sep 14  Assignment 3 is available - due Monday, Sep. 28.

Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive and practical background for students interested in continuous mathematics for computer science. The goal is to prepare students for higher-level subjects in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, graphics, and other topics that require numerical computation. The course focuses on tying together the underlying mathematical principles, numerical algorithms, and how they are used to solve problems computationally. Assignments consist of both conceptual problems and coding portions completed in Python.

Meeting time/place

Class: MW 12:30-1:20 PM Click here to join Zoom meeting. (You will need to authenticate with Princeton CAS.)
Precept 1: Th   9:00-9:50 AM Click here to join Zoom meeting. (Preceptor: Fangyin Wei)
Precept 2: Th 10:00-10:50 AM Click here to join Zoom meeting. (Preceptor: Jad Rahme)
Precept 3: F 12:30-1:20 PM Click hereto join Zoom meeting. (Preceptor: Joshua Aduol)
Precept 4: F 12:30-1:20 PM Click here to join Zoom meeting. (Preceptor: Yaniv Ovadia)
Precept 5: F   1:30-2:20 PM Click here to join Zoom meeting. (Preceptor: Xingyuan Sun)


We will be using Ed Discussion for Q&A this semester.
You may sign up via this link, and then access the discussion board here.


Mathematics for Machine Learning
by Marc Peter Deisenroth, A. Aldo Faisal, and Cheng Soon Ong.


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