Piazza. The best way to ask a short question about the course materials is via Piazza, an online forum in which students ask (and answer) questions. The course staff monitor this forum regularly.

Office hours. For more substantial questions about the course materials, you should attend office hours. You're welcome to attend any office hours listed below, not just those of your preceptor.

Computing lab. Undergraduate lab TAs are available in Lewis 121 to help you debug your code, provided you have first made a reasonable effort to identify the bug and isolate the problem.

Review sessions. Review sessions meet at 3–4pm on Fridays in Friend 108. They are intended for students seeking extra help to keep up with the course materials, featuring a weekly recap, a Q&A session, and active-learning activities.

This schedule may change. We will update this calendar with the latest information when we need to make scheduling changes. Though last-minute changes are rare, we encourage you to check this calendar again before going to office hours.

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More Help

COS 226 is a challenging course. If you are falling behind, be proactive. Contact your preceptor as soon as possible and schedule a meeting with him/her. In the meeting, review the material and make a plan for success in this course. If you don't feel comfortable talking to your preceptor, contact the co-lead preceptors as soon as possible to arrange to get some help. We will be happy to meet with you. We can also ask your residential college to assign you a peer tutor for this course.