COS Independent Work Seminar:
Policy Issues in the Internet of Things

Fall 2016

General Information:

Instructor: Margaret Martonosi
Meeting time and place: Tuesdays, 9:30am-10:30am. CS Room 401
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The concept of an Internet-of-Things refers to the growing ecosystem physical objects embedded in our worlds with computing, sensors, and actuators and with network connectivity that enables these objects to collect, analyze and act on data. Proponents of IoT techniques see a world in which a bridge’s structural weaknesses are detected before it collapses, in which intelligent transportation and resilient electrical grids offer pleasant and efficient cities for people to live and work in, and in which IoT-supported e-applications transform medicine, education, and business. Along with their increased use, however, IoT techniques have raised a range of policy and regulatory issues, including privacy, security, standardization, and radio frequency spectrum. This IW seminar welcomes students who are interested in engaging in projects that relate to such IoT policy issues, either exploring technical solutions to addressing aspects of them, or exploring policy and legal frameworks for managing them.


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