COS 323 - Computing for the Physical and Social Sciences

Fall 2010

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Meeting time/place

TTh 3:00-4:20, Computer Science room 104 (large auditorium).

Course Description

This course will study principles of scientific computation, driven by current applications in biology, physics, economics, engineering, etc. Topics include: simulation, integration of differential equations, iterative optimization algorithms, stability and accuracy issues. Students will pursue projects in a variety of fields, writing their own computer programs and also using higher-level tools such as Matlab.

Prerequisites: The course is appropriate for students who have taken COS126 or the equivalent, as well as MAT 104 or the equivalent. There will be some programming in Java, and we will also be using Matlab for some of the assignments (though no prior Matlab knowledge is assumed).


Scientific Computing, an Introductory Survey (2nd ed.)
Michael T. Heath
ISBN 0-07-239910-4 or 978-0-07-239910-3


Szymon Rusinkiewicz
CS Building, Room 406
smr at princeton edu
Office hours: M 1:30-2:30, W 3-4, or by appointment


Connelly Barnes
CS Building, Room 418A
csbarnes at cs
Office hours: Tues 4-5 pm, Thurs 4-5 pm
Jingwan Lu (Cynthia)
CS Building, Room 414
jingwanl at cs
Office hours: M 3-4pm, W 3-4pm
Dmitry Drutskoy
CS Building, Room 103B
drutskoy at cs
Office hours: M 12-1, W 4-5

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