Class RandomCnfGenerator

  extended byRandomCnfGenerator
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class RandomCnfGenerator
extends java.lang.Object
implements Generator

This Generator generates random CNF formulas of a fixed size over a fixed number of symbols and with a fixed number of literals per clause. This class also includes a main method for testing.

Constructor Summary
RandomCnfGenerator(int num_clauses, int num_symbols, int num_literals)
          Constructor for this object.
Method Summary
 Literal[][] getNext()
          Generates another CNF of the specified form.
static void main(java.lang.String[] argv)
          This is a simple main.
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Constructor Detail


public RandomCnfGenerator(int num_clauses,
                          int num_symbols,
                          int num_literals)
Constructor for this object.

num_clauses - number of clauses in constructed CNF
num_symbols - number of symbols (variables) in CNF
num_literals - number of literals per clause
Method Detail


public Literal[][] getNext()
Generates another CNF of the specified form.

Specified by:
getNext in interface Generator


public static void main(java.lang.String[] argv)
This is a simple main. It generates a random CNF formula with number of clauses, number of symbols and number of literals per clause specified by the first three arguments. Once generated, MySatSolver is called to try to solve the CNF within the time limit specified by the fourth argument. This process is repeated the number of times specified by the fifth argument.