COS 597B - 3D Photography

Fall, 2002

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Systems for automatically measuring the 3D shape of real objects are becoming used more and more widely, with applications in fields such as advertising, special effects for movies, and quality control during manufacturing. This seminar/project course focuses on building a complete system capable of measuring the shape and appearance of real-world objects. Lecture/discussion topics include 3D scanning hardware, algorithms for mesh registration and 3D reconstruction, shape representations, and appearance modeling.

Prerequisites: The course is open to all students that have taken a course in computer graphics or computer vision, or have the equivalent background. In particular, students should have a basic familiarity with linear algebra, and should have significant C/C++ programming experience.

Requirements: All students, whether receiving credit for the course or auditing, must attend classes and participate in the group project(s).

Meeting time/place

MW 11:00-12:20, CS 301
  (On Mondays classes will end early to allow participants to attend Graphics Lunch at noon.)


Szymon Rusinkiewicz
CS Building, Room 405
Office hours: MW 3-4 or by appointment

Graduate Coordinator

Melissa Lawson
CS Building, Room 310

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