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Computer Science 436 (ELE 469)
Human-Computer Interface Technology

Perry Cook

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Fall 2002

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Midterms are graded and available for pickup

Stuff still to do this semester

Each project group must turn in a formal written report by Dean's Date.
5:00 PM, Tuesday, January 14th, 2003

I want hardcopy for this report, if you want to put it on your
web page that's fine, but print it up and hand it to me physically
so i can sit down with the stack at my favorite coffee spot and
do the grading/evaluation.
Each group must also do a short (10 minutes) presentation/demo of
the project.  This is due any time before Dean's Date, or up until
5:00PM Friday the 17th of January.

This can be done anywhere on campus, but must be scheduled with me
ahead of time.  All members of the group should be present (if this
is absolutely impossible let me know as soon as possible, and we'll
figure something out).  The presentation is just to give you one last
time to explain how the thing works, what it's good for, how cool it
is, etc.  You could pretend that i'm from a big Venture Capital firm
and you've got 10 minutes to convince me to invest 100Million to fund
your startup company.

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