HCI Lecture and Laboratory Schedule
2nd half of semester, Fall 2002

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Date Lecture Labs/Assignments/Exams
Nov. 4, Mon. Realtime Computing, Microcontrollers Assignment 2, due Monday November 11
Nov. 6, Wed. Psychophysical Measurements
Auditory Display
Nov. 11, Mon. Sound Synthesis Assignment 2 due today in class
Lab #5: Sound Synthesis and 3D Audio
Nov. 13, Wed. Haptics at the User Interface Initial Project (flakey ideas) Proposals due Friday, 15th
Nov. 18, Mon. 3-D Audio .
Nov. 20, Wed. 6-DOF Control Lab 5 Due
Nov. 25, Mon. Steering and Steering with Haptics .
Nov. 27, Wed. No Class, work on Proposal Updates Project Proposal Updates
Due by 5:00 (email, Web Page Pointer Preferred)
Dec. 2, Mon. "Optimal" Sylus-based Keyboard Layouts
User input via Eye Tracking
Dec. 4, Wed. Interfaces for People with Disabilities .
December 9, Mon. Project Presentations/Design Review 2nd Midterm Available, due 48 hours from checkout
December 11, Wed. Project Presentations/Design Review .

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