C0S 597d - Advanced Topics in CS

Sensing for Graphics

Szymon Rusinkiewicz

Fall, 2001

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In order to increase visual interest and realism, many applications of computer graphics use measurements of the real world. A simple example of this is texture mapping, the process of "pasting" a photograph onto virtual 3D geometry during rendering. In addition to simple images, recent research has focused on many other kinds of real-world data that can be incorporated into the graphics pipeline.

In this seminar course, we will look at a variety of devices for measuring the real world and at the algorithms for incorporating these measurements into computer graphics renderings. In particular, we focus on:

The class will consist of a mixture of lectures and student presentations of recent papers. All participants in the course (whether auditing or for credit) should present two or three papers, and those taking the course for credit must also complete a final project.

The course is open to anyone with a background in computer graphics (COS 426 or equivalent).


MW 1:30-2:50


CS Building, Room 401


Szymon Rusinkiewicz
CS Building, Room 405
Office hours: MW 3-4, or by appointment

Graduate Coordinator

Melissa Lawson
CS Building, Room 310

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