Princeton University
Computer Science Dept.

Computer Science 597a
Advanced Topics:
Computer Architecture Research Infrastructure Development

David August

Fall 2000

This past year development started on an open source compiler and simulator for computer architecture research. Participate in this effort for a semester, influence the design of a tool destined to be used by many computer architects, and become a permanent addition to the AUTHORS file.


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Course Summary

A fundamental requirement in computer engineering is to evaluate the relative cost, power, and performance of proposed architectural innovations. The need for tools to perform this evaluation is obvious. However, experience has shown that insightful research necessitates the ability to pinpoint the component factors. Current simulation frameworks are not tightly integrated with a compiler - increasingly, a key part of the architecture. In some cases, this led to the publication of misleading results and of incorrect conclusions. The goal of this project-oriented course is to complete the construction of the X-code simulator for the use in your research. The course will cover the IMPACT compiler and the X-code IR as they are necessary components of this tool. The course will provide each participant with a deep understanding of a particular architectural feature of their choice through specialization during implementation.

Course Features

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Target Participant


This course is designed to the learn-by-doing philosophy. Lectures will be given on a need only basis. You will have regular meetings with your collaborators. The instructor will be one of your collaborators.


Contributing to the project (not necessarily registering for the class) is a prerequisite to obtaining local support for this tool in your research.

Administrative Information

Meetings: TTh 3:00-4:20, Room: CS Building Room 102

Professor: David August - 407 CS Building - 258-2085

Graduate Coordinator: Melissa Lawson - 310 CS Building - 258-5387