Princeton SPE Application: Summer 2019

To apply, please fill out this form, which includes uploading your transcript. You must be a current Princeton undergraduate and have taken (or are currently taking) either COS 126 or ISC 231–234.


Princeton OIT email

Princeton Class Year
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Are you a SIFP Fellow?
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COS Coursework
COS 126    ISC 231–234    COS 217    COS 226   

Describe your programming experience before coming to Princeton
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Do you plan to concentrate in or pursue a certificate in computer science?
Definitely major   Probably major   Maybe major   Certificate    No   

In which of the following do you most likely plan to major?  

Which of the following certificate(s) are you planning to pursue?  

Name one COS instructor or preceptor who can serve as a reference.

Upload your internal Princeton transcript in pdf format. (Please do not upload your official transcript, as it gets flagged by our spam filter.) You can access your internal transcript from TigerHub.  

Optionally, upload a resume in pdf format.  

Tell us a bit about who you are, your background, what you hope to get out of the SPE, and any other relevant information. Include any programming courses or prior experience.

Describe the kinds of projects you would you be most interested in.