FRS 123 - Technology in Art and Cultural Heritage

Fall 2006

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Date Lecture (click for notes) Assignments
Wed, Sep 20 Intro; imaging and perspective  
Wed, Sep 27 More on Photography and Perspective  
Wed, Oct 4 Panoramas; Perception  
Wed, Oct 11 Color Assignment 1 due
Wed, Oct 18 Light, Illumination, and Shadow  
Wed, Oct 25 Painting: Technique and Materials  
Wed, Nov 1 Fall break - no class  
Wed, Nov 8 Illustration Assignment 2 due
Wed, Nov 15 Computational photography  
Wed, Nov 22 Day before Thanksgiving - no class  
Wed, Nov 29 Sculpture Assignment 3 due
Wed, Dec 6 3D Scanning  
Wed, Dec 13 Materials and Appearance  
Tue, Jan 17 Dean's date Final projects due

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