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PhD Candidate
Department of Computer Science
Princeton University

35 Olden Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

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Curriculum Vitae


I am a forth-year Ph.D student in Department of Computer Science, Princeton University. My Ph.D advisor is Professor Jennifer Rexford. I received my B.Eng in Electronic Engineering with highest honor from Tsinghua University in July 2010. I finished my senior thesis in New Generation Network Lab.

I am driven by solving the practical problems in automating large-scale network management for efficiency and reliability. I bring the analytical and technical skills of Ph.D combined with the experience of a system coder in the network infrastructure team for one of the largest online services.


  • September 2013: I continue my internship project as a full-time Research Software Engineer Intern in Windows Azure & Microsoft Research.
  • June 2013: I continue a joint project with Windows Azure and Microsoft Research as a full-time summer intern. I work with Ratul Mahajan and Ming Zhang of MSR, and Lihua Yuan and Dave Maltz of Windows Azure.
  • February 2013: HONE project source is released on GitHub.
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Undergrad works

Work Experiences

  • Research Software Engineer Intern in Windows Azure & Microsoft Research. 03/2013 - Present
    I am working in the network infrastructure team which develops and manages datacenters to power Microsoft's online services, including Windows Azure, Bing, Xbox Live, etc.

  • Research Software Engineer Intern in Microsoft Bing. 06/2012 - 03/2013
    Project: AutoFocus: Automatic Problem Localization for Large Distributed Online Services
    Designed and built an adaptive and real-time latency tracing system for large-scale distributed online services. The system automatically constructed the internal component dependency in serving user requests, and located the latency bottlenecks. Deploying into Bing, the system expedited resolving high-latency issues by exactly pinpointing the responsible service and machine location. It helped improving user-experienced latency of Bing.

  • Research Assistant in Princeton University. 02/2011 - Present
    Project: HONE: Programmable Host-Network Traffic Management
    Extended the scope of datacenter traffic management to the hosts, in order to exploit their traffic-measure-control and computation capabilities. Designed a programming model and its runtime system to write joint-host-network management tasks with a simple, integrated, and centralized view of datacenter. Built a system to efficiently execute the management tasks in parallel and scale across hosts and network. Built multiple common datacenter management tasks with HONE.

    Project: Identifying Performance Bottlenecks in CDNs through TCP-Level Monitoring
    Built a transport-layer network profiler that identifies the performance bottlenecks for wide-area web service. Deployed the tool in CoralCDN and identified the performance problems for the benefit of better CDN operation decisions.

  • Research Intern in Microsoft Research Asia. 12/2009 - 03/2010
    Worked in the network research group on datacenter network virtualization. Designed control modules and experiments to validate link failure handling and adjustment of bandwidth guarantees for virtualized network slices.

  • Research Assistant in Tsinghua University. 04/2009 - 07/2010
    Designed and built a matrix-factorization-based network coordinate system to estimate latency and bottleneck bandwidth between Internet hosts. Proposed and applied a sorting mechanism for neighboring Internet hosts to improve the latency estimation accuracy. Proposed to apply PCA in bottleneck bandwidth analysis. Reduced the analysis complexity to 10D state-space exploration problem.

  • Research Intern in University of Southern California. 07/2009 - 08/2009
    Designed a channel estimator for underwater acoustic communication system based on the time, frequency, and phase rotation correlation. Built an underwater testbed for testing the proposal.


  • Compiling Techniques, Spring 2012 (COS 320)
  • Advanced Computer Systems, Fall 2011 (COS 518)
  • Advanced Topics in Computer Science - Principles of Database and Information System, Fall 2011 (COS 597A)
  • Theory of Algorithms, Spring 2011 (COS 423)
  • Special Topics in Informations Sciences and Systems - Optimization of Communication Systems, Spring 2011 (ELE 539A)
  • Advanced Computer Networks, Fall 2010 (COS 561)
  • Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2010 (COS 402)
  • Advanced Topics in Computer Science - Future Datacenter Networks and Systems, Fall 2010 (COS 597B)


  • Graduate Student Government in Princeton University. 03/2011 - 03/2013
    Board member of Social Affairs Committee. Representative of CS Department. Allocated funding for social activities of graduate students. Organized social events for graduate student community.

  • Student Association of Science and Technology in Tsinghua University. 10/2006 - 08/2007
    Vice President of Department of Internal Relationship. Organized meetings of branch presidents of the organization. Bridged the branches to facilitate the cooperation in university-wide activities.

Code Release

  • HONE: Programmable Host/Network Traffic Management Platform
    Project website: HONE website
    Source on GitHub: HONE

Last update in February 2014.