I am Haoyu Zhang, a Ph.D. student in Department of Computer Science at Princeton University. My advisor is Professor Michael J. Freedman.

My research focuses on designing scalable, reliable and manageable distributed systems, which include topics on resource management in big data analytics, fault-tolerant network architecture, and strongly consistent and ultrafast key-value service using programmable data-plane networks (P4).

Before coming to Princeton, I received my B.Sc. in Computer Science from School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science at Peking University in Beijing. I spent 2012--2013 winter semester at Technion---Israel Institute of Technology as a research exchange student. I also received my B.A. in Economics (double major) from National School of Development.

Email: haoyuz [AT] cs [DOT] princeton [DOT] edu

My  Portrait.

Princeton Computer Science Department, SNS Group

Research Assistant, 09/2013--Present
Advisor: Mike Freedman

Microsoft Research, Redmond

Research Intern, 06/2015--08/2015
Mentors: Ganesh Ananthanarayanan, Peter Bodik

Princeton Computer Science Department

Teaching Assistant, 09/2014--05/2015
CS 217 Introduction to Programming Systems

Technion---Israel Institute of Technology

Research Exchange Student, 09/2012--02/2013
Advisor: Daniel A. Freedman

Peking University, Institute of Network Computing and Information Systems

Undergrad Member, 09/2011--09/2012
Advisor: Zhen Xiao

Distributed Video Analytics

Live Video Analytics at Scale with Approximation and Delay-Tolerance

VideoStorm is a video analytics system that processes thousands of vision analytics queries on live video streams over large clusters. An offline profiler generates query resource-quality profile, and an online scheduler allocates resources to queries to maximize video processing performance. Deployment on an Azure cluster of a hundred machines shows improvement by as much as 80% in quality of real-world queries and 7x better lag, processing video from operational traffic cameras. [NSDI '17]

Ravana: Controller Fault-Tolerance in Software-Defined Networking

Ravana is a fault-tolerant SDN controller platform that processes the control messages trasactionally and exactly once at both the controllers and the switches. The protocol guarantees strong consistency across controller replicas during controller and switch failures, by extending replicated state machines with lightweight switch-side mechanisms. Ravana enables unmodified controller applications to execute in fault-tolerant fashion. [SOSR '15]

Ravana Fault-Tolerant Controller

I am a Chinese calligraphy enthusiast, and enjoy handwriting with ink brushes following Liu Gongquan's Style. I like magic, and was once in PKU Magicians' Club when I was an undergrad.

I served as Publicity Chair for Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Princeton University (ACSSPU) and Princeton Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs (PACE) in 2014--2015.

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