I'm a third year computer science PhD student at Princeton University advised by Ryan Adams. My research interests broadly include continual/multitask learning, generative modeling, and distributed training of deep neural networks. Specific applications I've worked on in computer vision include autonomous driving and medical imaging.

Prior to Princeton, I completed a research fellowship at the National Institutes of Health, focusing on computer-aided diagnostics. I did my undergrad in mathematics at the University of Florida.

I'm supported by the NDSEG Fellowship.

6/12/2017 - I will be at Google Mountain View for the summer working on YouTube's machine learning infrastructure.

5/23/2017 - New paper on continual generative modeling

2/6/2017 - Assistant teaching Neural Networks with Sebastian Seung

11/27/2016 - MapNet project released

6/27/2016 - DeepDriving demoed at CVPR 2016

6/19/2016 - Invited talk at the Deep Learning for Autonomous Robots workshop at RSS 2016


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Learning from Maps: Visual Common Sense for Autonomous Driving
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Leveraging Mid-Level Semantic Boundary Cues for Automated Lymph Node Detection
This work was recently featured on the radiology website AuntMinnie.com
Ari Seff, Le Lu, Adrian Barbu, Holger Roth, Hoo-Chang Shin, Ronald Summers
Interleaved Text/Image Deep Mining on a Very Large-Scale Radiology Database
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2D View Aggregation for Lymph Node Detection Using a Shallow Hierarchy of Linear Classifiers
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