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Automating network host moves, adds, and changes


PatchMaker 1.1 released Joe @ Fri Aug 19 2005
PatchMaker 1.1 is now officially released!

The following are the release notes for version 1.1:
  • Fixed a security problem with the PatchMaker conf file.
  • Code clean up and removed unused files.

The PatchMaker Team

New PatchMaker Demos! Chris @ Fri Aug 19 2005
You can see the new PatchMaker demo by going here.
You can see a the new PatchMaker 'Create templates' demo by going here.

PatchMaker 1.0 released Joe @ Tues Aug 9 2005
PatchMaker 1.0 is now officially released!

The following are the release notes for version 1.0:
  • Added 'Template Support'. Users can now create new, change, and delete existing templates.
  • Enabled 'Image Upload'. Users can now upload their own images for templates.
  • Added 'Style Support' for Port text in templates. Users can enter css into the Create Template TextStyle box and watch as it updates the ports text.
  • Added 'Port Spacing'. When adding ports to a template, users can specify the horizontal and vertical spacing between the ports.
  • Added 'Delete Ports'. When creating a template, Users can select a group of ports and delete by pressing the 'd' or 'delete' key.
  • Added 'Last Seen'. Users can view the ethernet addresses last viewed by the application on a given port.
  • Added 'Group Views'. Users can now create custom views of patch panels and devices.
  • Added 'Create Sections'. Users can now add Devices and Panels.
  • Added 'Logging'. Events are now logged and searchable by users.
  • Added 'User Privileges'. Creating, modifying, and deleting users and their privileges is enabled for users with admin privileges.

The PatchMaker Team

PatchMaker 0.2 released Joe @ Tues Jan 5 2005
PatchMaker 0.2 is now officially released!

The following are the release notes for 0.2:
  • Version 0.2 fixes a security bug in the code. 
  • Cleans up a bunch of the code and added more comments.

The PatchMaker Team

PatchMaker 0.1 released Joe @ Tues Nov 23 2004
PatchMaker 0.1 has officially been released! A big thanks to everyone involved. Please check it out and give us some feedback.

The following are the release notes for 0.1:
  • This is our first release of PatchMaker. Version 0.1 does not have an installer yet and is lacking documentation.  We hope to have an installer and documentation in the next release due in a few weeks.

The PatchMaker Team

PatchMaker Screen Shots Joe @ Tues Nov 23 2004
You can see a few screen shots of PatchMaker in action by going here.

PatchMaker paper presented at LISA '04 Joe @ Thu Nov 18 2004
Patchmaker was presented at the USENIX LISA '04 conference in Atlanta, GA.  We want to thank everyone who came out to the conference.  You can view the presentation given at LISA '04 here.  You can also read the paper here.

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