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Crouthamel, Osborne, and Sanchez win Special Performance Recognition Award

Congratulations to Joe Crouthamel, Brian Osborne, and Chris Sanchez of the Computer Science Technical Staff for winning a Special Performance Recognition Award from Princeton University for their work on the CS faculty jobs application software. This award is intended to recognize staff for exceptional contributions, going above and beyond their normal job requirements, resulting in cost savings improvements in service delivery, or efficiency of operations.   The software system they created is used by the department during recruiting season to solicit and review applications for faculty and other positions.  The system is also currently used by the Electrical Engineering Department.

After an extensive comparison of their system with the main commercial alternatives, the University has decided to use their design as the reference design for the next-generation system to be used campus wide.  They will be involved in advising the University on the implementation and maintenance of the system that evolves based on their design.

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