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Wide-Area Route Control for Distributed Services

Date and Time
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 - 11:00am to 11:45am
Computer Science 402
Vytautas Valancius, from Georgia Tech
Jennifer Rexford
Many distributed services would benefit from control over the flow of traffic to and from their users, to offer better performance and higher reliability at a reasonable cost. Unfortunately, although today's cloud-computing platforms offer elastic computing and bandwidth resources, they do not give services control over wide-area routing. We propose replacing the data center's border router with a Transit Portal (TP) that gives each service the illusion of direct connectivity to upstream ISPs, without requiring each service to deploy hardware, acquire IP address space, or negotiate contracts with ISPs. Our TP prototype supports many layer-two connectivity mechanisms, amortizes memory and message overhead over multiple services, and protects the rest of the Internet from misconfigured and malicious applications. Our implementation extends and synthesizes open-source software components such as the Linux kernel and the Quagga routing daemon. We also implement a management plane based on the GENI control framework and couple this with our four-site TP deployment and Amazon EC2 facilities.

Vytautas Valancius is a Ph.D candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology, advised by professor Nick Feamster. His research interests include interdomain routing, Internet economics, and network virtualization. Prior to his Ph.D studies, Vytautas obtained M.S. in KTH, Sweden and worked in the networking industry as a consultant for 5 years, earning CCIE#14359 certification.

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