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The Eyes Have It: User Interfaces for Information Visualization

Date and Time
Wednesday, December 1, 2004 - 4:30pm to 6:00pm
Computer Science Small Auditorium (Room 105)
Ben Shneiderman, from University of Maryland
Olga Troyanskaya
Human perceptual skills are remarkable, but largely underutilized by current graphical user interfaces. The next generation of animated GUIs and visual data mining tools can provide users with remarkable capabilities if designers follow the Visual Information-Seeking Mantra: Overview first, zoom and filter, then details-on-demand Then dynamic queries allow user control of widgets, such as sliders and buttons that update the result set within 100msec. Seven types of information visualizations (1-, 2-, 3-, multi-dimensional data, temporal, tree and network data) will be shown in examples for U.S. Census, time series searching, and gene expression data. Commercial success stories based on our early work include multi-dimensional data in dynamic scattergrams (www.spotfire.com), hierarchical stock market data in treemaps (www.smartmoney.com/marketmap), and production monitoring/product catalogs in treemaps (www.hivegroup.com).

This talk will emphasize scientific and statistical data analysis such as gene expression studies, multi-variate temporal data sets, and hierarchical clustering. For more info and to download programs, visit: www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/treemap www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/timesearcher www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/hce

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