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Edit: How Wikipedia Changes the Way We Debate, Govern and Teach

Date and Time
Thursday, October 7, 2010 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Sherrerd Hall 101
Wikipedia and similar collaborative technologies have begun to influence the ways that people understand and influence the world.

Representatives from the Wikimedia Foundation will discuss the policies and principles that govern the operations of the Wikipedia community, along with new efforts to make Wikipedia more relevant to governance, debate, and teaching in the broader world of public policy. How are wiki disputes handled? What do the wiki guidelines of "be bold" and "so fix it" mean? What opportunities do professors have to incorporate wiki editing in their curricula? What is the Wikimedia Public Policy Initiative doing on Princeton's campus this year? Several Princeton faculty members will offer their reflections on these questions and others.

Wikimedia Foundation Presenters:
         Rod Dunican, Education Program's Manager
         Pete Forsyth, Public Outreach Officer
         Annie Lin, Campus Team Coordinator

Princeton University:
         Ed Felten, Computer Science and Public Affairs
         Paul DiMaggio, Sociology and Public Affairs
         Matt Salganik, Sociology
         Paul Starr, Sociology and Public Affairs

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