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E-Voting: Risk and Opportunity

Date and Time
Thursday, November 1, 2012 - 1:30pm to 5:00pm
streaming online at <a href=
The Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton is pleased to host “E-Voting: Risk and Opportunity,” a live streamed symposium on the state and future of voting technology. At 1:30pm (Eastern) on November 1, 2012, electronic voting experts from across the United States will discuss what to expect on Election Day, how we might build a secure, convenient, high-tech voting system of the future, and what policymakers should be doing. The current U.S. e-voting system is a patchwork of locally implemented technologies and procedures — with varying degrees of reliability, usability, and security. Different groups have advocated for improved systems, better standards, and new approaches like internet-based voting. Panelists will discuss these issues and more, with a keynote by Professor Ron Rivest, one of the pioneers of modern cryptography. You can watch the event streamed live at https://citp.princeton.edu, or view the recording after the event.

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