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AI and Reshaping the Industry

Date and Time
Wednesday, April 3, 2019 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Computer Science Large Auditorium (Room 104)
CS Department Colloquium Series
Corey Sanders 04, from Microsoft Azure

Corey Sanders
Artificial Intelligence has quickly moved from being a thing of science fiction to driving business forward across a wide variety of industries including retail, manufacturing, oil and gas, health, and financial services. It is becoming a ubiquitous component of normal customer IT, whether to improve end-customer experience or reduce back-end costs. In this talk, Corey will walk through some real and technical examples of AI and how it is reshaping every industry. Corey will also delve into the responsibility we all have in considering the impact of this technology as it continues to advance and improve. 

Corey is the Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Solutions. He is responsible for the sales strategy and corporate technical sales team for Azure, M365, and Dynamics. Previously, Corey was the Head of Product for Azure Compute, responsible for product, strategy, and technical vision for core Azure compute services Azure Virtual Machines (both Windows and Linux), Containers, Kubernetes, OSS, Service Fabric, Event Grid, Service Bus, Management, Migration and serverless computing such as Functions.   Since joining Microsoft in 2004 Corey has led program management for multiple Azure services, was a developer in Windows Serviceability team owning areas across the networking and kernel stack for Windows and was the founder of Azure’s Infrastructure-as-a -service business. Corey graduated from Princeton in 2004 with a BSE in Computer Science.

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