Princeton University
Computer Science Dept.

Freshman Seminar 136
The Speech is a Machine

Andrew W. Appel

Spring 2001

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DVD trial papers

Documents from Cryptome
Documents from Electronic Frontier Foundation

Assigned reading for April 2

All dates in year 2000.
Jan 21Preliminary Injunction Against DeCSS
Jan 16MPAA v. Reimerdes, Corley and Kazan NY Filings
Feb 3Memorandum Opinion
Mar 17Consent Judgment Against Roman Kazan
May 4Defendants' Reply Brief on Linking
May 8Declarations of Emmanuel Goldstein and Pamela Samuelson
Jun 30Declaration of Michael Shamos
Jul 17Trial transcript, day 1.
Jul 18Trial transcript, day 2.
Jul 19Trial transcript, day 3.
Jul 20Trial transcript, day 4.
Jul 21Trial transcript, day 5.
Jul 25Trial transcript, day 6.
Aug 8Defendant's post-trial brief.
Aug 11Plaintiff's Post-Trial Brief
Aug 17Opinion
Aug 17Final Judgement

DVD appeal papers

All dates in year 2001.
Jan 192600 Magazine's appeal brief
Jan 23Computer scientists' amicus brief
Jan 26Law Professors' amicus brief
Jan 26Journalists' amicus brief
Jan 26Benkler & Lessig amicus brief
Jan 26ACM amicus brief
Jan 26Educators' amicus brief
Jan 26Librarians' amicus brief
Feb 28Motion Picture Association's appeal brief
Mar 19DVD CCA amicus brief
Feb 19Department of Justice's intervention brief
Mar 192600 Magazine's reply brief
May 1Audio of the oral argument.
May 1Transcript of oral argument
May 10Justices ask specific questions

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