COS 426 Computer Graphics - Fall 1997

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General hints
  • First of all, go to the precepts either Mon 8:00pm or Thu 3:30pm in CS Bldg. 105.
  • Next, make use of our office hours and lab hours.
  • Also, you can always send us e-mail or post questions to the newsgroup.
  • Check out how to setup your account to run the COS 426 programs.
Project 3 hints
  • For the surface of revolution part, check this example of a inventor file.
  • Some people have asked about how to create the user interface for the different types of curves. We suggest using the same button for all of them, and having a menu item "Curves" in the Options menu, with submenu items for each kind of curve. Take a look at this suggesition of how this could be done (thanks to Allison).
  • Stay tuned for more...

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