COS 324 - Introduction to Machine Learning

Fall 2017

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Sept 19  Assignment 1 is released.
Aug 30  Course website for fall 2017 is up.

Course Description

The course provides an introduction to machine learning.

Topic covered:


Midterm: The midterm will be during class time on Thu, Oct 26. No exceptions or alternate times will be offered.

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Textbook and readings

NOTICE: All material of the course is self-contained and based on freely available books and surveys.

Main references:

Further advanced references: Python Tutorials


Tuesday and Thursday 11:00-12:20, in Computer Science Building Rm 104



Instructor: Prof. Elad Hazan and Prof. Yoram Singer

TAs: Wei Hu, Nikunj Saunshi, Karan Singh, Cyril Zhang, Yi Zhang

Undergrad coordinator: Colleen Kenny-McGinley (ckenny at cs, CS 210)


We will be using piazza for Q&A. Please post your questions there instead of mailing the Professor or TAs.

Professors' office hours:
TA office hours:

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