COS 323 - Computing for the Physical and Social Sciences

Fall 2012

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Exam 2 Study Guide

Thursday, Dec. 13

The exam will be held in class on the 13th. If you cannot make it, please contact Prof. Rusinkiewicz to make other arrangements.

No books, notes, or electronic devices may be used during the exam.

Topics covered:

For each of trapezoidal rule, Simpson's rule, midpoint rule:

Heath review questions 8.1-8.3, 8.7-8.8, 8.15a, 8.17a, 8.27, 8.31

More complex numerical integration:

Heath review questions 8.24, 8.44

Monte Carlo integration:

Heath review questions 8.32-8.34

Pseudorandom number generators:

Heath review questions 13.5, 13.9, 13.10

ODE solvers:

Heath review questions 9.1-9.10, 9.14-9.16, 9.19, 9.22, 9.25, 10.1-10.3, 10.5

PDE solvers:

Heath review questions 11.7-11.11



Signal processing:

Fourier analysis:

Heath review questions 12.1-12.3, 12.8, 12.11-12.12

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