COS 323 - Computing for the Physical and Social Sciences

Fall 2012

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Assignment 0: Matlab warmup and approximation error
Due Sep 25.
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Assignment 1: The Pratt Truss Bridge
Due Oct 9.
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Assignment 2: Logistic Regression
Due Oct 23.
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Assignment 3: Oscillating Chemical Reactions, ODEs, and Chaos
Due Nov 27.
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Assignment 4: Simulating Population Genetics
Due Dec 11.
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Final project
Proposal due Dec 14.
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Final project due Jan 15.
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Late Policy

The assignments are due at 11:59 PM on the due date. You are given 3 free late days that you can use any time during the semester.

Collaboration Policy

You may discuss concepts and assignments with others, but everything handed in must be your own work. All code must be your own - you may not use code from your classmates, the internet, the textbook, or any other source. All writeups must reflect your code, as submitted, and all analysis and insights must be your own.

Submitting Your Work

We will be using CS Dropbox to submit assignments, which should be familiar to you from previous COS courses. Each assignment page will have a link to submit your files - login with your Princeton netID, and submit all applicable files by the deadline. You can resubmit and unsubmit files as needed up until the submission deadline. There is more information about dropbox here.

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