Princeton University
Computer Science Department

Computer Science 597C
Advanced Topics in Computer Science:
Scalable Internet Services
Jaswinder Pal Singh

Fall 2002

General Information

Course Summary

Examine some classes of infrastructure and applications for Scalable Internet Services, focusing mainly on services created using a distributed, publish- subscribe paradigm, including both centralized and peer-to-peer systems. Applications include information access, dissemination and discovery as well as distrubuted computation. Examiniation of layers and their interactions, namely the communication, protcol, and application layers, focusing on new approaches in all three layers. Read and present papers, develop designs, and attend presentations; project to build a system or components at one or more layers required for grade.

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Administrative Information

Lectures: W 1:30-4:00, Room: 401

Professor: Jaswinder Pal Singh - 423 CS Building - 258-5329

Graduate Coordinator: Melissa Lawson - 310 CS Building - 258-5387

Teaching Assistants: TBA