CS 597C: Scalable Internet Services

Papers and Resources


1.     Application Protocols for Event Based Systems

Jabber / XMPP

The Jabber Architecture

Jabber Technology Overview

Jabber Protocol Overview

The Jabber Programmers Guide: A Comprehensive Snapshot of Jabber

Jabber Internet Drafts

Jabber/XMPP Core)

Jabber/XMPP Instant Messaging

Jabber/XMPP to CPIM Mapping)


APEX (Application Exchange)

††††††††††† BEEP-APEX Overview: Relationship of Peer-to-Peer Communication to BEEP

††††††††††† APEX Presentation

††††††††††† APEX RFC

††††††††††† APEX Options RFC

††††††††††† APEX Access RFC

††††††††††† APEX Presence Draft


BEEP (Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol)

††††††††††† On the Design of Application Protocols (Rationale for BEEP)

††††††††††† Q&A on BEEP

Presentation on BEEP

††††††††††† "The Facts on BEEP"

Technical WhitePaper: A Framework for Next-Generation Application Protocols

BEEP Protocol Core RFC

††††††††††† Mapping the BEEP Core onto TCP: RFC


HTTP-based Protocols:

HTTP Events Proposal

Issues in Layering Protocols on HTTP

††††††††††††††††††††††† A Response to "Issues in Layering Protocols on HTTP"

HTTP-NG Rationale (Defunct Effort)

Event Notification Scenarios Using HTTP

Event Notification Scenarios (ppt)

RVP: A Presence and Instant Messaging Protocol (IM Protocol used in MSN Messenger)

GENA: Generalized Event Notification over HTTP (ppt)

KnowNow White Papers:

Web-Standard Messaging

KnowNow Concepts

††††††††††††††††††††††† KnowNow Microserver for Windows: Programmerís Guide


2.     PubSub Specifications and Systems

PubSub on Jabber: Internet Draft

firstRain Open PubSub Specification: Internet Draft

JMS PubSub (contained within this JMS Specification)

MSMQ (Microsoft)

Elvin PubSub Specification

Gryphon Overview




KnowNow Event Router Programmer's Guide

KnowNow Product Architecture


3.     Distributed PubSub Systems

Design and Evaluation of a Wide-area Event Notification Service

An Efficient Multicast Protocol for Content-Based Publish-Subscribe Systems

Content Based Routing with Elvin4

The JEDI Event-Based Infrastructure and its Application to the Development of the OPSS WFMS

A Hierarchical Proxy Architecture for Internet-Scale Event Services

Semandex (Masters thesis)



4.     Matching Technology

Efficient Matching for Content-based Publish/Subscribe Systems

Filtering Algorithms and Implementations for Very Fast Publish/Subscribe Systems

Fast Forwarding for Content-Based Networking

Matching Events in a Content-based Subscription System

Efficient Filtering of XML Documents for Selective Dissemination of Information

Efficient Filtering of XML Documents with XPath Expressions

Efficient Filtering in Publish-Subscribe Systems using Binary Decision Diagrams

Mesh-Based Content Routing using XML


5.     Applications

Supporting public availability and accessibility with Elvin: Expriences and reflections

An Infrastructure for Meta-Auctions (.ps.gz)

Content based routing as the basis for intra-agent communication

The Federation of Critical Infrastructure Information via Publish -Subscribe Enabled Multisensor Data Fusion

Hermes - A Notification Service for Digital Libraries

Publish/Subscribe in a Mobile Environment

Using a publish/subscribe middleware to support mobile computing




Gryphon (IBM)



Le Subscribe