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Robert D. Kalnins

I'm a computer graphics researcher that just completed a Ph. D. in Computer Science at Princeton University in June 2004.

My research is focused on the development of tools and algorithms for the non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) of 3D animation. In particular, I am interested in tools that provide artists with flexible, hands-on control over the stylized appearance of these renderings, and the algorithms that can automate the task of animating such imagery. More specific details and assocated imagery can be found on the Jot, WNPR, CSS, and thesis project pages. Additional pictures and video clips can also be found in the gallery.

Hands-on tools for creating stylized rendering of 3D scenes will lead to an explosion of new aesthetics for 3D animation. By leveraging a repertoire traditional artistic techniques developed by artists over the centuries, NPR can vastly extend the range of CGI beyond the familiar photorealistic styles.

Using the computer to explore these techniques, we can extend their range in animated applications. Effects that would be challenging or impossible to animate coherently by hand can be automatically rendered by the machine.

Instead of the uniform, unstylized outlines common to hand-generated cell animation, an artist might desire to employ richer stroke patterns (such as the thorny effect on the cactus above). With a system like Jot, the user need only draw the first frame of such an animation -- the remaining frames can be coherently rendered without further input.

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