Princeton Restaurant Reviews

Princeton Restaurants

This page describes my experiences dining at various restaurants in Princeton and the surrounding areas. Written by a food enthusiast who's lived in Princeton for 20+ years. Bon appetit!

Here are my personal favorite restaurants in the Princeton area.




You can find some excellent desserts in Princeton.

Bar and Pub

For a town with a high-profile university, Princeton has very few places to get a drink.

BBQ / Southern



Coffee, Tea, and Juice

You can also grab a cup of coffee at Chez Alice, The Little Chef, or Witherspoon's in the Frist campus center.



Farm and Farmers' Market

Some terrific local farms, with high-end products.


Gourmet / Specialty Food Markets

Princeton has some outstanding specialty food markets.

Greek / Middle Eastern / Afghan

Grocery / Supermarket

Ice Cream / Candy

Princeton is blessed with several excellent (and always popular) ice cream spots.

Indian, Pakistani, Himalayan

There is excellent Indian food in surrounding towns, especially Edison.


Japanese / Sushi

Princeton has a disproportionately large number of sushi joints. You can also find sushi at Soonja's Cafe, Shanghai Park, Wegmans, and Nassau Street Seafood. More Japanese at Banzai and Shogun.


Nassau Sushi and Tokyo Japanese Restaurant also serve up a number of Korean specialties.

Mexican and Spanish

Hard to find good Mexican in Princeton. Your best bet is to go to New Brunswick.


Pizza aficionados are blessed with three heavyweight options: Nomad, Tino's, and De Lorenzo's.

Teresa's, D'Angelo Italian Market, and Fedora Cafe also serves excellent pizzetas.

Princeton University and IAS

Sandwiches and Deli

D'Angelo Italian Market serves up some excellent hoagies.


Steakhouse and Grill

Thai / Malaysian


Wine and Liquor

Local liquor licenses are scarce, so most Princeton restaurants are BYO.

Vegan and Vegetarian

Surprisingly, the area does not have much in the way of vegan or vegetarian restaurants (although many restaurants have some vegan-friendly options). For some of the best vegan and vegetarian options in the area, check out the Pig + the Pit. (Yes, really!)

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