Vikram V. Ramaswamy

I am a PhD student at Princeton University, working with Prof. Olga Russakovsky. I'm interested in fairness in machine learning, and how it applies to visual systems.

Previously, I did my bachelor's and master's degree at IIT Madras, where I was advised by Prof. Jayalal Sarma.

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Primarily, I'm interested in algorithmic fairness, and how it applies to computer vision. I've also worked in algorithmic lower bounds and complexity theory.

Fair Attribute Classification through Latent Space De-biasing
Vikram V. Ramaswamy , Sunnie S. Y. Kim, Olga Russakovsky
preprint, 2020

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New Query Lower Bounds for Submodular Function Minimization
Andrei Graur, Tristan Pollner, V. Ramaswamy , S. Matthew Weinberg
ICTS, 2020


Space Complexity of Reachability Testing in Labelled Graphs
V. Ramaswamy, Jayalal Sarma, K. S. Sunil
LATA, 2017


TA for Theory of Computation , Fall 2018-19, Fall 2019-20

TA for Advanced Complexity Theory , Spring 2018-19

TA for Algorithms and Uncertainity, Fall 2018-19
TA for Discrete Math for CS , Spring 2016-17

TA for Computability and Complexity , Fall 2016-17

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