FRS 123 - Technology in Art and Cultural Heritage

Fall 2006

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The progression of artistic styles and media has often paralleled developments in science, technology, and mathematics. Revolutions in our understanding of the world, such as the development of theories of linear perspective and geometric optics during the Renaissance, often foretell corresponding revolutions in artistic methods and styles. New devices, such as the photographic camera, have enabled completely new forms of artistic expression. New building methods and materials have given the architect new freedom and allowed unprecedented creativity. Perhaps even more interesting, however, are the capabilities introduced by digital imaging and processing: the computer is simultaneously a new artistic medium, a simulator of other media, and a tool for the preservation and understanding of art and other forms of cultural heritage.

This seminar will examine the role of technology in both artistic creation and the understanding and preservation of cultural heritage. We will trace the development of new styles and media, from the Renaissance through the present day. We will then turn to the recent roles of digitized representations in the study of art history, preservation, the analysis of specific artists and media, and the evolution of new forms of art. The focus will be on visual art forms such as paintings and sculpture, and students will use equipment including digital cameras and 3D scanners to document artwork and develop new visualizations and analyses.

Grading: There will be four assignments worth a total of 60% of the final grade, as well as a final project worth 30%. The remainder of the grade is based on class participation and mini-assignments.

Meeting time/place

W 7:30-10:20, Forbes college room 121


Szymon Rusinkiewicz
CS Building, Room 406
smr at princeton
Tim Weyrich
CS Building, Room 212
tweyrich at princeton

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