List of Master's Programs with TCS Research Opportunities

A masters program can be a fantastic way to get started on research in Theory of Computer Science! But where? The crowdsourced spreadsheet below is a good place to start your search for a masters in TCS. It contains basic information, incluiding a current/recent student column with students who volunteered to answer emails about their experience.

Please note that this list was crowdsourced, and intended to just provide information. You should always discuss with your advisor to pick which programs to apply, and which offers to accept.

This list is not exhaustive, and just contains the information we were able to obtain. If you are a faculty member at an institution with a master's program, and would like to advertise it to students interested in TCS research, please email Aviad Rubinstein (aviad [at] If you know of a good program that should be listed here, but are not a faculty member at that institution, please encourage a faculty member there to contact us. Regardless of your status, please also let us know if you spot any inaccuracies.

This project started on Boaz Barak's blog (see his inspiring posts on the topic here: [1][2]).

If you find the list useful, please also drop a short (1 minute) note here. This is especially useful if you have any comments or feedback, but it is also useful just to drop your name so that we have a sense of how the sheet is being used.

Maintenance of this list is supported by NSF CCF-1954927/1955205.
(Disclaimer: note that this does not imply NSF endorsement of any of the masters programs in this list.)