Perry R. Cook, Singing Synthesis

Singing Synthesis

"Synthesis of the Singing Voice
Using a Waveguide Articulatory
Vocal Tract Model"
Various Papers and Thesis 1989-1996

View the Thesis here (.pdf, 1.4M)

Some Soundfiles of Shiela Doing Her Thing:

Diphones Linear interpolation from shape to shape.
Nasals She Also Has a Nose!
Shiela Her first word.
Vocaliz Learning to Sing.

"Bicycle Built for Two"

Original "Daisy" Song 1960
Max Mathews, John Kelly, and Carol Lochbaum

Shiela and Daisy Guy Duet 1991
Perry Cook and Shiela (SPASM Singer)

Ecclesiastical Latin and Modern Greek

Greek Singing Example

Birthdays: Jim Rothwell Max Mathews