Perry R. Cook, Recent Work

Recently Completed Work

Music Synthesis and Modeling

"A Heirarchical System for Controlling
Synthesis by Physical Modeling"
ICMC, Sept. 1995, Banff, Canada.

System Architecture

HosePlayer Soundfilesbefore and after
expert training with auditory feedback
(1/2 Meg .wav files)
"Integration of Physical Modeling
for Synthesis and Animation"
ICMC, Sept. 1995, Banff, Canada.

Better Picture

Soundfile!!as we fly into,
through, and out of the flute.
(1/2 Meg .wav file)

Music Perception and Cognition

New Book
"Memory for Musical Tempo: Further Evidence that Auditory Memory is Absolute"
by Dan Levitin and Perry Cook
Perception and Psychophysics, 58:6, 1996
"Hearing, Feeling, and Performing: Masking Studies with Trombone Players"
International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, McGill, Aug. 1996