A Parody

A Parody (or two, or more)

New for 2008!!!
"Everybody Hack Chuck Tonight"
for Ge's PhD Defense, May 16, 2008

All My Trials, for Felten and SIP, May 2001

This one is for the brave souls who fight for our rights to
think, study, and publish, in the face of the SDMI,
DMCA, and other frightening Acronyms.

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4th Floor Faculty Follies, Feb 2001

A South Park style story about the Princeton CS Faculty.
Written, Directed, and Produced by Perry Cook and Adam Finkelstein
Animated by Rob Jensen (now at Pixar)
Voices by Perry, Adam, Noah Finkelstein, and Liz Douthitt

WARNING: 34Meg, non-streaming

The Former Apple Founder Formally Known as Jobs, Jan. 1997

A Parody of "One of Us" (what if God was one of us?), Done the week that Apple Computer hired Steve back after a long, er, separation.

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Beneath Chant, 1993

A series of pop song parodies, all linked by different styles of chant. The reformed lyrics all have to do with the life of monks, or related things.

Here's the lyrics.     Listen to the Whole Thing, but WARNING!!, it's 41Meg!!

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