Perry's Cross-Country NIME Odyssey
May 18 - 24, 2005

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Original Trip Plan, Day by Day
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Equipment List
Why So Much Equipment?

What i'm traveling with, equipment-wise (Here listed
for Canadian Customs), is:

Road-case 1:
    SqueezeVox Lisa (full 120-bass accordion, gutted and
	replaced with all-digital interface, including 
	internal speakers, linear FSR, and much more).
    MIDI merger box, Sescom Direct box, assorted cables.
    Assorted books and tools (soldering iron, cutters, Volt
	meter, solder, leatherman multi-tool).

Road-case/Rack 2:
    Alesis RA-100 power amp, 		SN: PA237 4310
    Tascm PA-20MKII power amp, 		SN: 681179 974
    Lexicon MPX 200 Digital Effects, 	SN: V0401-01313
    Roland Stereo Volume Pedal		NO SN
    COWE custom controller		NO SN
    Korg UM-1 MIDI Interface, assorted
    SqueezeVox Maggie (concertina, 
	gutted and digitized)		NO SN

VOMID Road-case:
    Korg MC-1 MicroKontrol, heavily modified
					SN: (21)00000309
    Korg UM-1 Midi Interface, assorted 

2 Custom-built Hemisphere Speakers
	Polk-Audio Drivers		NO SN
2 Speaker/Amp stands			NO SN

Bag O' Cables 'n' Stuff:
    ART Tube Mic Preamp, 		SN: 127-300621
    Samson Mic
    Assorted Cables
    Canon 2R 65 MC Digital DVR Camera	SN: 16266341 O 427

Computers, Other:
    Mac 15" Powerbook and accessories	SN: W84460K3QHY
    Toshiba Satellite M35X-S163		SN: 45143828K
    Tactex STC-1000 Tactile MIDI Pad	SN: 03000127
    HP C9037A Printer			SN: TH51617086