Controllers Page

Perry R. Cook, Princeton University

My main work has been in two areas

These are actually really related, because once we have a flexible, expressive, parametric algorithm for sound synthesis, we want a controller. And once we have a nifty new controller, we want better sound synthesis algorithms to control. Other pages talk about synthesis. This one talks about controllers.

Augmenting the Human Musical Performer

The Cook-Morrill Trumpet

with Dexter Morrill, Colgate University

Sound Clip: "Sketches for Invisible Man"
by Dexter Morrill
Dave Dempsey, Soprano Sax

Perry Cook
Interactive Computer
Programs and Hardware

We made a number of prototypes, including a valve- trombone interface. (see below under Hirn Section for prototype valve section with modifications ).
See papers on brass interfaces and pitch detection with Morrill and Smith in my Publication List
I also worked some with Ben Knapp on measuring brass Lip-EMG (muscle tension) and using that for control.

The Hirn Wind Instrument Controller

Idea: Give as many degrees of freedom as possible to a wind player, hook it up to various synthesis algorithms including physical models of wind instruments.

Did it really look like that wonderful drawing? Of course not. Here's prototype 1 really looked like, along side it's friend from the Cook/Morrill Trumpet project (see above).
See the "Meta-Wind Instrument ... and Controller" paper from ICMC San Jose in my Publication List

Lots of Wacky Shaker
and Percussion Controllers

Idea: Things to shake, rub, grind, etc. for two purposes:
To control PhISM particle model synthesis
To steer interactive composition algorithms

Most Recent: The BoSSA Project
by and with Dan Trueman

Start out with a bow interface,
then add lots of speakers,
then more interfaces, Oh heck....
Go check it all out on Dan's BoSSA Page.