Voice Synthesis, Processing, and Other Topics

Perry R. Cook, October 3, 2023

Music History (mine)

Talent Show, Age 8               Maybe age 10

Dexter Morrill, Jazz + Computer Music

Trumpet to MIDI+ Controller
Music: "Invisible Man"
Cook/Morrill Trumpet 1988

Seashells: the Pico Glove (and other gloves)

Pico I for Seashells and Synthesis, July 1997

"Lanzon: Echoes" CalArts 2015/CCRMA 2015

Much more on Musical Seashells Here

Everyday Objects:

JMug (Pico coffee Mug)

Fillup Glass (Minimalist Pico Kitchenware)

The Voice: Source + Filter

Singing Synthesis: SPASM/Shiela

My Dissertation (1988-89)

SqueezeVox: Accordion (inspired) controllers

SqueezeVox Lisa 2000 (LoFi)

SqueezeVox Maggie 2001

Interfaces/Systems to Augment Singers
(and control singing synthesis)

"Haberman" CalArts 2012 (Sensor Speaker Music Stand)

"LORX Aeterna" (Princeton Laptop Orchestra (Laptop Chorus)) 2012

"Then No Ships Fly" (FOLISE1 Cyber Choir Folder #1) 2013

"Elaine and D'Joan" (FOLISE2 Cyber Choir Folder #2) 2014

"Papageno a Roboto Duetto" (CASSC) 2015

Noggin Sonix: Head-Centric Displays/Interfaces

Noggin SolFonix 2022

A Physical Modelling Tour-de-Force (on VOMID controller)

"Joseph D'Alem Karp Smith's Newtonian Busybox" (VOMID) 2016

Recently?? Robots!!

"Robot Pan Drum COVID19 Sonification" 2020

Oh yea. Some Humor...
The Choke-o-phonic Fowlharmonic

"Carol of the Clucks" 2016

CV19 Drum Sequencer:
Initial Comments on COVID 19