Principles For (and thoughts on) Designing
Expressive Controllers for Digital Sound and Music

Perry R. Cook, July 29, 2021

Some topics to think about:

Music runs historically deep in me

Me, Talent Show, Age 8                           Maybe age 10

Dexter Morrill, Jazz + Computer Music

Trumpet to MIDI+ Controller
Music: "Invisible Man" Cook/Morrill Trumpet 1988

DigitalDoo: Pressure, tilt, other, plus
custom hemispherical speaker/microphone array
Performance Video: DigitalDoo Blotar Clip

Seashells: the Pico Glove

Pico I for Seashells and Synthesis, July 1997

"Lanzon: Echoes" CalArts 2015/CCRMA 2015

Much more on Musical Seashells Here

Everyday Objects:

JMug (Pico coffee Mug)

Fillup Glass (Minimalist Pico Kitchenware)

SqueezeVox: Accordion (inspired) controllers

SqueezeVox Lisa 2000 (LoFi)

SqueezeVox Maggie 2001

Interfaces/Systems to Augment Singers

"Haberman" CalArts 2012 (Sensor Speaker Music Stand)

"LORX Aeterna" (Princeton Laptop Orchestra (Laptop Chorus)) 2012

"Then No Ships Fly" (FOLISE1 Cyber Choir Folder #1) 2013

"Elaine and D'Joan" (FOLISE2 Cyber Choir Folder #2) 2014

"Papageno a Roboto Duetto" (CASSC) 2015

A Physical Modelling Tour-de-Force (on VOMID controller)

"Joseph D'Alem Karp Smith's Newtonian Busybox" (VOMID) 2016

Recently?? Robots!!

"Robot Pan Drum COVID19 Sonification" 2020

Oh yea. More on Humor...
The Choke-o-phonic Fowlharmonic

"Carol of the Clucks" 2016