Perry's Time-Domain
Hacks in ChucK Presentation
CalArts, January 21, 2014

Some Cool Things in ChucK History:

Pre-ChucK Controllers:

The Cook/Morrill Trumpet Controller
on NEA grant, for Wynton Marsallis

Pico Glove, 1997 SeaShell Gesture Controller

The Genesis of PLOrk! (Powered by ChucK)

Non Specific Gamelan Taiko Fusion Band (with Ge Wang)

Also PLOrk Drones (by Dan Trueman), CliX (by Ge Wang), And MANY more

Voice Synthesis and Processing

Lots of synth models and controllers over the years.

From SPASM to the SqueezeVox (Perry Cook and Colby Leider)

And an OSC-controlled (TouchOSC on iPhone) Singer Model

Choirs of the Future: Voice Processing Pieces

Haberman by Perry R. Cook, 2014 (Tether EFX, Video controlled Synth)
Then No Ships Go by Perry R. Cook, 2013 (FOWIOS Wireless Choir Folder)
LORx Aeternaby Perry R. Cook, 2012, for Princeton Laptop Choir (Orchestra)

Time-Domain Features in ChucK

Including Peak(s), RMS Power, Zero Crossings, Filter Banks