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Thoughts on Voice(s): Synthesis, Processing, Control

Talk presented to
Stanford Sound Poetry Class
October 3, 2023

"Notes" and Links

Principles for (and thoughts on) Designing Expressive
Controllers for Digital Sound and Synthesis

Talk presented to
Facebook Reality Labs
July 29, 2021

"Notes" and Links

CalArts Course, Spring 2021, 2022, 2023, ...

MTEC-155-01/MTEC-655-01 (2021SP):
Physical Modeling Synthesis
Course Link (CalArts Access Only)

COVID 19 Genome Robot

Robot HandPan COVID DNA Sonification

CV19 Drum Sequencer

ChuckU comments on COVID 19

CalArts Teaching Residency, January 2019

3-Day Intensive Short Course: DSP for Digital Artists

May is the Month of Code

ChucKU Celebrates!

Week 1: Morse Coder!

Week 2: Morse Listener!

NEW ChucK Course on Kadenze

Ajay Kapur, Perry Cook,
Ge Wang, Spencer Salazar

From ChucK
Programming Book!!

Buy it at Kadenze Discount!

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Stanford CCRMA and Kadenze DSP Course

Physics-Based Sound Synthesis for Games and Interactive Systems

Perry R. Cook and Julius O. Smith III

From Real Sound Synthesis Book!!

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Talks, Slides, Examples, Other Resources

CalArts Teaching Residency, October 2016

DSP (zip)   Programming in ChucK (zip)   Composing for Robots (zip)  
Forum Talk:A (not so) Brief History of LOrks (pdf)

October, 2014, GameSoundCon Talk:
"From Interactive Foley to Laptop Orchestras:
Real-Time Physics-Based Parametric Sound
Synthesis for Art, Profit, and (most important)
Fun!! Talk Slides
(also given as Cal Arts Forum Talk, October 2014)

Code and Links from March 2014 Talk

Previous Hackings: Jan2014 Jan2011 Jan2012

    Main ChucK Page  and   ChucK Unit Generator Reference

    Mini Audicle Page   &   MAUI API

    Read the Chugs Paper!! and see some Example chugens & chubgraphs

    Then, for chugins, check the ChugIn Git Repo

    Free ChucK Course on Coursera

    Intro to Programing
    for Digital Artists
    Ajay Kapur, Cal Arts

    (With Special Guests
    Ge Wang and P. Cook)

"... a complete introduction
to programming for digital
musicians and artists in
the real-time multimedia
language ChucK.
... can be understood by
novices wishing to learn to
program interactive arts systems."

    Perry's Keynote Talk for CCSC, Evergreen State College

    CalArts ChucK/Processing CS213 Course

    Sonifying in ChucK, ICAD 2012:
    Course Notes, Code Examples